100% of my brain's ability

If I could use 100% of my brain’s capacity and not be limited to just 10%,
I would think of why I am on earth, and actually answer it.
I might look at the Bible story and question it.
I would look at complicated poems and chuckle at the simplicity
I would not sit through classes
I won’t need to go near school.
I would discuss complex science with my biology teacher.
And chuckle at his misconceptions.

I would be bored from literature because everything is so obvious.
I would hate soap operas because I know exactly how everything will play out.
I would understand everything my parents say, and why they are so bothered.
I would go around the world, and preach the solution for the geography of food and health.
I would question humanity.
I would…
I would…

There seems to be nothing left in my mind now...
Well, I guess I am spouting all this from the shocking 10% I can use.
I find it ridiculous, but at the same time, I am grateful.
Maybe it is naiveté.
But I am still grateful indeed that I do not know all,
Grateful that I can be human, and makes mistakes, and belong to a unit,
And play my part on this stage.

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