Simple Sake of Sleep

My hands won’t seem to write the words
That eat away my mind.
The hours spent awake don’t add up
To all the years of lost dreams.

I’m not as concentric as I used to be.
These thoughts and words aren’t even the same species.
I find myself at a loss for the idea of breathing and
Abandon slumber for the simple sake of sleep.

I’m all arms and fingers and hands
With angles that don’t make sense to the ruler,
And legs and toes and feet that only walk
In the hard pull away from home.

There’s one last look I need to take
Before I can seize the trigger-stand.
Though steps have already been made
Straight to the readied scene of the fall.

In some ways, the slip has long since happened
The neck broken, disjointed and swaying
But the mind goes on, swallowing only the emptiness
In the failure of the words unfounded.

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