Pomegranate Incense

Pomegranate, rich and sweet, dances through the air.
Thoughts rise and flow into the universe,
Like the incense alight by my bed.
My eyes slowly close — I can feel it,
Rushing in — here they come now,
Thoughts, memories, kind words once said.

Lifetimes of hurt and anguish lay in ruins,
When those little eyes of blue sky sparkle.
Chubby cheeks suddenly become full and big.
A smile sneaks up and turns to laughter,
Rolling into my new-found heart and soul
Who knew I had this love to give.

Once an untried love between two children,
Maturing together as we're forced to age.
Good times, bad times — all the same,
He owns with pride this heart of mine,
And I walk beside him through it all.
Forever burning – an eternal flame.

Loved ones have to drift away for a time,
To go back home, to follow their path.
Although not here — never to be forgotten.
Like charms trapped on a black velvet ribbon
Memories of them dangle freely in my mind
Never to escape the web they are caught in.

Pomegranate is still dancing sweetly around me.
Precious earth, air, fire, water and spirit—
The sacred elements of my very being,
My Lady, My Lord — my glorious creators,
Bring me these visions and warm my soul.
Never let me forget the things I am seeing.

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