"Do You Really Hurt"

Do you really hurt?

Are you truly dying,

is your life not worth living?

For reasons i cannot begin to


people lie,

they bitch,

they cry.

Do you really hurt?

Can you go on,

I bet you can live.

How come,

I have seen what true hurt is,

I have seen people die
by their own hands
near right before my eyes.

I have stared death in the face,

and i laughed cause i know,

I wont let pesky death keep me from

enjoying my days.


Do you really hurt?

well you may hate it,

you may want to tell me off,

you may want to plunge a knife into my veins and see the blood

swell up in my mouth,

the fact of the matter is,

I think not.

For i have been to hell and back,

and enjoyed every minute of it.

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