Strings Attached

These strings that I'm attached to won't let me go
I dance around a dark room
Swaying from one wall to another
I slowly dance to a melancholy tune
Wishing that I can be free
But I sometimes forget that I'm the puppet master of these strings
I'm like a robot following commands
Only thing is that I'm my own master
I only move to my own terms
But can stop myself in my own tracks
And start to be controlled by my negative emotions
Tugging on these strings trying to get away
But I pull myself back forcing myself to dance in misery
Sway my right arm then I sway my left
Try to move my legs to a different type of beat
But I force the strings to tug violently on my feet
Bend my leg back and scream in agony
I try to get away from my self-hated personality
I'm a puppet to my own self
A person to never be free
Tied by my own fears and miseries
Dancing to this death fulfilling song
In front of a non-existent audience

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