Thoughts on Your Ninety-fifth Birthday

For many years I have known you,
each day you become more dear.
As I sit back and look at your life,
as you reach that special year.

So many things you have seen,
some things you were not able to deny.
Some things made you laugh,
and others were sad enough to make you cry.

I'll bet you never dreamed that you would end
up being the oldest in the family.

You will never know how much you have always been loved;
and how much you have meant to me.
I would never be able to love anyone else
the way I have always loved you.
There has never been a day in my life
that I ever stopped loving you.

I know you and I fight sometimes,
and other times. .we tease.
But when you are as old as you are;
it is your God-given right
to do whatever you darn well please.

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