Is it the End?

Thoughts spinning in the endless labirynth
trying to come together to form
some way out of this mindbending surrounding.
Shuffling through sounds and noises
I can not seem to organize the mess
that my head has become.

Everything can be so simple,
yet looking around and seeing even
the closest people to me be so blind,
I lose hope. Is it me who is insane?
Or is it the human nature that
everyone so happily conforms to?

The sound of wind and birds singing,
is sweeter than any song,
yet no one seems to notice.
We have lost our appreciation for
real beauty, we have forgotten
that we are here but just mere guests.

Leaves brushing against each other,
humming peacefully and furiously,
are letting us know that while forgiving
they will not stand our foolishness forever.
The time when we will no longer have
the luxoury of choice are coming.

Standing on the side of the road,
seeing cars and people go by, I wonder,
how many of us are awakening,
how many of us are noticing,
how many of us are realizing
that what we live for, has destroyed us.

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