Digital Media

We face a test which never
have we thought we could challange.
In this world of disorientation and
disinformation, we are shown
light rays of hope for change.

Though very bleak this light may seem,
do not let the worlds whispers
hinder your eyesight.
The time is now for you and I
to take a stand against the Tyrants.

We have watched too long
millions have their lives
sentenced to death and hunger,
to prejudice and unequality,
to absolute obedience against their wills.

The times we share today,
are the times that point us towards hope.
Seemingly unattainable,
yet at our arms lenght.
The time to stand up has come.

Our morals and future
stands on the brink of being crushed
under the might of the corrupted elite.
But fear not, for with the power
of your heart and mind,
awoken in your wake,
together we will be the voice of earth.

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