Change in Scenery

I got a letter this summer that was barren and blank. I thought it was those greedy colleges or thieves from the bank.

Or maybe it was my selfish family who I haven't seen since fall. It's nearly July now and they still haven't called.

It could be one of my associates. That would sure brighten up my day. I haven't had a best friend in a while, not that I care anyway.

A small chance it could be a girl who really liked my style, I thought about the possibility then started to smile.

Maybe it was from God just writing to show love. It's not as easy to communicate with him so high up above.

I decided to open it up with a stale expression on my face, but inside I was anxious and my heartbeat was off pace.

Inside was a thin flash card that read: "NO MORE COLD WEATHER." I grinned and said hopefully as I read the big bold letters.

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