Missing Winter

I miss winter.
Cam someone please help. Winter has been taken from me so abruptly.
I am sad that I do not get to feel it now it is there.
That cold that chills through the skin down to the bones.

Please take me into winter.
That lovely time when only your nose is seen.
That season where even the most powerful must cower.
Where warmth is absorbed and appreciated even from a complete stranger.

When you and I stepped into the chilling frost and cold,
Where there was no snow, but remnants of snow.
Where we shared an ice-cream,
Absorbing not warmth, but absolute mind blocking cold.

Where our knuckles froze, as we held on to each other
And the bitter but sweet memory that we would leave each other soon.
That we leave each other tomorrow,
To sometime again tomorrow reunite, and share life after winter.

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