Why Live?

As young as one may be,
experience of death is understood by all.
But altough mourning and cry
accompanies such „tragic” moments,
even the old fail to understand
the beauty that the dead
has been offered.
While we are crying,
he or she,as it may be,
is roaming in sleep,
endless sleep where no worry
nor sadness has any affect.
We think its not the way
its suppose to be,
but how can we speak
with such certainty?
None of us speaking has
experienced death before
then how can we argue its
something foul and wrong,
if we simply do not know?
We cannot understand
ourselves alone,
how can we possibly understand
the beauty the experience
can only be felt
when we are gone?
Life is short
and truly full of
happy sruprises,
but it always seems,
it is mostly sadness.
Then why would one think
that eternal rest, is
somehow inferior to
this life of pain?
While here still, I am awaiting
my time for rest, while
experiencing happiness and sadness
in unequal scale,
surrounder by people who find contentment
in things that not only
are meaningless
but also bring no real
I will always remember
that no matter how
little sense living makes to me
there is people
here who value my life
over theirs.

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