A Whole New Me

Drifting around from place to place,
No where to go, just a world of empty space
Moving around, just wanting to find somewhere to stay
Will the world ever make room for me, will I find my place one day?

Until the day I met you all, my world just didn’t click
But now, there’s not one thing I’d change, how did this end up such a perfect fit?
Laughing all day, talking all night, Never would I dream of having another fight
I finally know how happiness feels, and it takes me just a moment to realize this is real

Back then I was a person but a that person wasn’t me,
Never knowing where to exactly I truly want to be
Now I’m sure I’ve found out precisely where I belong,
And I can’t see how anything just so right could ever go wrong

I thought contentment was smiling every so often
I’m aware now it’s laughing at every second, at every single option
Inside jokes flow in and in and boy, they never stop
And if I used to be on on the bottom of the world, I’d definitely say I’ve made it to the top

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