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Devotion for a Friend

A poem written about a friend.



hello, short poem again.


Meet me in the Dressing Room

Another brief one, but hey, at least I wrote. Needs a better ending.


The Sky Was Grey

this was an exercise we did in writing class. our teacher got us to write about something and then write all the sentences in the opposite order, and see if it worked. Not sure if this does or not, but i'm posting anyway.


"Like lights in the Dark,..."

It's about how some people, you can tell, are just... special in a way. I can always tell when someone didn't get it.


I Can See Them Dancing

Just tell me what you think. I'm not really sure what it is...


Part I - Grey

i am in the process of writing a series of poems about how i have felt, and how things have changed me. this is the first, its a little sad


They meant nothing

This is about something from a long time ago. I wish I could forget it.


Melt Away.

It's hard to explain it all.