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Pain of Hope

Just something I typed out while my mind kept me up for yet another sleepless night. It may not seem it, but this short poem is talking about risking a friendship in hopes of something more, and whether or not it would be worth the risk of trying. I'm sure everyone can relate to the so-called "friend zone". I'd appreciate honest feedback, I've been considering getting back into writing.


Theres a noose holding you down

Recently had somebody who i had previously liked for a long time tell me their true feelings recently even though i am now taken :( horrible situation that i hate to be in and hate to put people in....


Some Deceit

its been a while i know, but this might explain what i sort of jumped by lately. enjoy :)


The Outlet

i know many of us on deliric can identify with this poem. in this case, poetry is my outlet...enjoy :)


The Morphology of You

i wrote this for my friend i love soo much, but with whom literal distance has come between. enjoy :)


There Is Just You

this is a very relatable situation i believe. pls enjoy :)


Emotional Attraction

had to write this..hope someone can relate...enjoy :)


Drawing Lines

i was trying at enjoy :)


Then We Forget

this is very true to many situations...hope u relate, and enjoy


Finding A Relationship

poem i wrote a year ago, when i fell in "love" for the first time.


Words on Air

i was thinking that people never say what they mean, or never completely say it. all the things they did not add to the words they spoke out loud, ends up in the air...hehe enjoy


Part One- Paths

Part One of Three. This is about the generic route a relationship takes.


Easy Mondays

My first poem posted in over a year. Just started college and enrolled in a writting class. The teacher said write any poem you want down. Well this is it.


My Time Now

Please comment, I'd really like some thoughts on this one.


Trick or Treat?

When asked to write a brief description of an example of a time when I stayed true to myself I took it to mean make up a story and this was the result.


Hey. Love me?

DX I'm sad. So I'm gonna make myself feel better by posting this. It's actually a pretty cute song. Enjoy ;) (it kinda makes more sense with the music, but I just wanted to post something whimsical and fun)


What we need

This is a poem dedicated to one of my friends (not you nikki) but I can never show it to him, so I decided to post it online... O.o cuz when you want someone not to read something, post it online. Also, vaguely a song, cuz it has a melody >.< Anywho, this is about a boy I really care for, and it's about replacing one addiction with another.


On The Couch

About an interesting night.


The Blacksmith

throwing myself out there. lost and still wondering why.