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Weary Traveler of the Cosmos

Mmm-hm. Slowly getting closer to stream of consciousness. (I'm a huge dork. Oops)


Killing Apathy with a Blunt Axe

Most recent, it needs work but I wanted to post it.


Milky-eyed Galaxy

Written while listening to the Deftones "Cherry Waves" on repeat. A paragraph or so, but an "inky wisp of personal information." Haven't been writing for the longest time - I would love some feedback on word choice, phrasing - you know.


All for the best, I'm sure; a highly personalized thing. - 110507

This will probably not many any sense to any of you. It's a very personalized poem-thing...I was letting thoughts spill, and it makes a lot of reference to things only myself and the person to whom the poem was written would understand. So do excuse. (:


The Mask

A poem I read aloud to my peers about how I was done with trying to meet their demands for more of my funny poems about killing kittens and how I wanted them to see the real me.


Curtain call

...just remembering back to the old days and "how we were."


The body of the soul

Though the soul may be one thing, it's body is another. It looks and acts very differently that what the soul may be like. This is mine.


Pioneering over four epochs

These are the first paragraphs of a 1046 page autobiography, a study in autobiography. ___________________