These are the most recent submissions tagged with “Mother”.


Thoughts on Your Ninety-fifth Birthday

This is a new poem I wrote for my mother's birthday last month.


She Needs You

I had an awful dream, so i wrote this, inspired by the horror taking place.


I Knew A Heroine

i recalled a time, or episode in my life today, and felt the need to write this in memory.


My mother

my mother is all i have left when noone else will be there she is there


Mother's day

for a special mother


Mother Nature.

A Girl noticing all the beauty in the world.


Buried [based on the book]

about the book "Buried" by Robin Merrow MacCready. VERY GOOD! i recommend reading.


Blind Date

A microfiction giving a brief glance into an unfortunately frequent occurrence in a young woman's life.


The Scent of Giving

What I could think of the blessings of the day, Thanks Giving brings to me love and the closeness of family. Greatly enjoyed! The sights and sounds of a room full of family being together at the table to enjoy the festive feast. To each of us the allure of scent aroma extraordinaire blesses you all.


She wished she could do it all over again

Thoughts on my mother's life. Another short prose poetry piece.


Die, die, those lovely bones

for my mother


An era series: part iii mother nature now

3rd and final in series. About the way society over-protects children.