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Thanks Deliric

This piece is 2years old. Some of you may have already read it.. I was just scrolling through my older pieces and smiled when I saw this one. Nostalgic.


The Black Man

Too all of you who have been reading my posts.. I thank you so much. You truly inspire me, I would not have kept writing or posting if it was not for your much needed feedback. Thanks Deliric Family. Here is one of my recent pieces, hope you enjoy it :)


Short and sweet.

God I love you..

Too Late

It has indeed been a while since I've written. Comments on this one would be well appreciated and returned. ;)

Awkwardly Amazing

This is one of my only poems without a nice little rhyme scheme. Instead of the brain, it came from the heart.

Let Her Have That Period

Poem created after a stupid decision I made.

Ode to Tomorrow

Short but sweet. Please read ;)

My Shining Moment