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I love writing poetry and music:P Im just getting into writing actuall lyrics. Please just read and enjoy :) Also feedback is appericiated! :D

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Am I Good Enough?

This isn't a poem. It does not rhyme. For me this is something I felt needed to be written. It's 3 am and it hit me like a ton of bricks. If you're feeling down this is a must read. Please comment. Sorry if typos.


Soo this just kinda came to me after talking to one of my exes, he apologized for what he did, and now im with someone else that makes me extremely happy and if it wasn't for the worst of the worst hurting me in the past I wouldn't be with him, so please let me know what you think! that's greatly appreciated this is only like my 4th song! FEEDBACK NESSACARY!


Just feeling hurt, read? Leave comments? Thanks

How it feels to love you

Just came to me, not my typical writing style let me know what you think please!?!?

One too many

Haven't wrote in a while, please enjoy:)

No Longer Someones Princess

Read and comment please and thank you :D