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Jessie Howard

23 years old
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Well hey!
I'm Jessie.
I love to write.
It's my passion, and I think I'd go insane if I didn't have it. Literally, it's saved me a couple times. It's always there, especially when nobody else is.
I write about things that inspire me.
I upload sparatically, but I'm trying to make things more constant.
I write about depressing things, but actually I'm quite a happy person.
I LOVE feedback. More than you know. Tell me what I can improve on, tell me what you liked, just, anything.
Look me up on Twitter or DailyBooth too? :3 It's got the same username.
ALSO: in my favorites thing it says that I'm male. I AM in fact a female, just to let you know.

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I was feeling rather alone when I wrote this. Maybe you can relate. Feedback would be quite pleasant.


I'm not gonna lie, I find this really messed up. I almost can't believe I wrote it. Feedback would be nice.

You're Like Lotion

Feedback would be much appreciated.

The Sorrow Filled Tale of Ruth Snyder

This is intense, yet, based off of a true story

I Hate It

I know I'll never be yours.

Supposedly large

Tell me what you think it's about? I'm not even sure if I know.

Elegy on Love

Had to write this for English class, but i'm very proud of it. Feedback is necessary.

Love's Pain

Love personified kinda. Tell me what you think!

With You

It's been a while, hasn't it? I hope you enjoy, it's not the best but, it's pretty okay(: I had to tell someone

Times are Tough

It's a bit long, but I just thought I'd share. It's different btw, definitely not my usual work.