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22 years old
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Haiiylo, I'm Cami
I write. Simple as that.
My poems are an expression of my thoughts, feelings and dreams. So are the short stories that I write.
MY opinion is usually clearly shown through my work so if you read it and think "that's dumb", tell me about it;)
I don't upload stuff constantly nor do I plan on doing so;) I post when I feel I need improvement or would like to share with the Deliric members and non-members how i'm thinking/feeling:3
My writing is like my version of stress relief and in general I love it. Comment if you like, tell me if you don't♥
Yes I am a girl though Deliric likes to think otherwise;)

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This is a short lil song I wrote for my friend Gabriel

Love is Strange


Fix Me? NO!

I was told to love myself kinks and all. That no one could love you if you don't love yourself at least a bit.... The little things I tell myself to get by(;

The Silence

Quick blurb of a poem. I just woke up from a dream of complete darkness and this was nested in my head

Rain Droplets Acrostic

This poem is written by my friend Ian M inspired by Catcher in the Rye. I though it was pretty damn good for someone who never write poetry