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26 years old
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Writes from Joplin, United States
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I write about all kinds of things, it's like my way of venting, so some may come off angry or crazy or sound like complete non-sense. Some I write when I am constantly thinking about something, I spend too much time in my head.
A lot of my poems are like short songs so when you read them kinda sing them to yourself....but of course not all of them are :)
thanks to all the comments I might get- whether they're good or bad

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One day



Sometimes I find myself tangled and not sure how I got there.

The way I felt

I found this written on paper folded up in a folder. I can only imagine writing this in a time in my life when I wasn't really true to myself, when I was dependent on others for everything. Realizing the "you" was stupid, ignorant, and controlling. Knowing I will never go back.

A different world

Again, composed in the night. Feeling feelings and trying to define them :)

Constant thoughts

I have anxiety and it's really difficult to let things go sometimes and this is me attempting to distract myself

Begin Again

I couldn't fall asleep until I wrote this. As soon as I finished the last line, I got you all off my mind and fell asleep.

You ask

I will never know

Someone I know