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Part 2

Part 1

Part 1 of an unnamed collection of short poems. About love.


“There is always time for another last minute”

Too old for this

Dead fly

Feeling so unsatisfied. 'But what do you feel so unsatisfied about?' I honestly don't know. I cant figure it out.


Oh to be a child again.... But, even as an adult, there are child-like thrills to chase. Everything you are, your 'ness', your mind and body can be traced back to that precious time. Everything has nostalgic potential, if you're willing to think. Nostalgia is so warm.

*Flips Table* *Inhumane Shriek* *Crie*

Titles are for real poets

After Glow


This is a long one, really. Also, publish people :) I enjoy putting stuff up but I'm getting a little scared of posting too frequently. Critique, thoughts and ofcourse you are always welcome!