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I hope you enjoy the words i write.
I appreciate feedback any day. Positive and negative.I wish to improve.
I will usually tell you which lines of your poem i liked the most. If you could do the same for me, that would be great.
Thanks much!

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The Cool Front

I'm in love with an idiot, can you tell? I'm proud of almost every stanza in here. It's about time ^-^ This poem is sort of about being a different person while you're with different people.

Give Me the Money

I'll write something stunning eventually, I promise. But for now please enjoy my attempt at rhyming ^-^ I apologize for my double poem posting right now.

They Will Remain in My Mouth

Maybe I will delete later, I needed to get a small amount of things out of my head before the real poetry could begin. But tell me what you think ^-^

Hardly Worth It

I keep writing crap lately, not going to lie. But I NEED to write. Please read and comment though ^-^ tell me what I need to do to get my writing groove back.

It's Here

Kind of crappy, but cute at the same time. I think you'd like it ^-^ If you want to know what it's about, just ask or something.

No If's or And's, Only But's

I think you'll like it ^-^ It's cute i suppose. Not entirely like my other things.

Darling, You're Stupid

not really like my other poems. i really just wanted to get some stuff out ^-^

Get Me Wrong

oh goodness, I haven't written in months again. I've been happy lately so then it's hard to write good stuff haha. this is sort of explaining my reason of not being able to write ^-^

This or That

about living at my dad's house with my step mom. this isn't very good, but it's all insanely true.

Burning Watches

Sorry for spelling mistakes, and if this isn't very good. I haven't written in months :O but leave some comments? Thank you ^-^