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I don't know

Sorry for posting such random shit. You probably shouldn't waste your time reading this. Seriously. You'd probably better enjoy something that makes sense. And didn't come out of my fucked up confusing senseless brain. Honestly.

Life Goes By

I guess its like a person thats getting older and older in each verse and like just wishing life was longer...comment??? thanks:)

77 Days

It's not about a boyfriend or anything... It's about a best friend. One that I lost a long time ago because... Well there were a lot of reasons... but one was that I knew she deserved a better friend than me, so I just kind of gave up and we haven't spoken since that day. I've never told anyone why I really stopped talking to her... This poem is just the start of me letting it all out. Comment PLEASE??? Thanks:) oh and title suggestions are kind of desperately needed:)

Crashing down

Hmm... Comment??

Reality Screams (Shattered wishes)

Okay so some of this is bad, i know, but I think parts of it might have potential. This poems kinda meaningful so don't say anything too harsh plz but COMMENT;) and I'm still not sure about the title too...

Break through

It was for my music class project ANY COMMENTS WOULD BE SOOO APPRECIATED!!!!!:) thanksss:)

Can't Help It

Pretty self explanatory... comment PLEASE?:)

A Whole New Me

just about me finding my place in the world, and realizing what happiness really is, and who my real friends are... it's not my best but COMMENT and tell me ANYTHING. problems, good things, anything at all. just pleeeease comment:)

I'm A freak

This is really not to any one person in particular. Just everyone. hope you like it and i still dont know about a title so suggestions would be appreciated:) COMMENT??? thanx:)

All I ask

So it's about one of my not-so-friends-anymore... i dont think the poem's all that amazing... or even good... but i guess i just needed to get it out there so... COMMENT?? thanks:) oh and p.s. in one line i say "moved on from my" and i meant "move on from me..." idk how to edit it so just fyi;)