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im tuff with a gintel tuch im a born wrghiter who cant spell it ticks me off when people mess with my friends and my bigest feer is falling in love but seeing how that has already happend aka im engaged i guess all that left to feer is the dredfuly aginiseing moment when i come the slitest bit closer to losing him

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shh no one must know

a girl who uses the druges and akuhol to hide her pain and cumits suiside when she fineds that once the high wares off shes left with nothing but her pain


when i think she will stay she disapers i feel like im no longer her priorety enymore

some times i still think of you

i wonder if she still loves me or will distence change us the way i feer it might


i never thout any one elss could protect me the way he dose, in this danjrus world his arms r all i need to sheld me, every cut,bruse,or scrape that had once cursed my haert is now gone for he has held me

the last sip

it's about dranking and driveing plz comment

sweet dreams my love

coment plz!

to be reborn

what i would be if i could come back as some thing elss it's sort and probly sucks but my bf thot it was sweet

falling in love with my fear

a girl who fears love but is in love in the mean time for him she would risk her every thing cause with out him it's worth nothing her haert her life her soul he onse it all she surenders him conplet controle

sorry i cryed

a girl who's happyness fails her and she wishess for the abilety to hide her feelings knowing it harts her friends to see her looking like that but she cant diny the way her soul longs for him and yet he is gone and she feel that when she smiles and its not do to his pressens she is doing rong

just bleep it out

some thing i rote when i was pissed and afrade of lossing jesse to one of my best friends