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Skateboarding with Imaginings

III. Find the nearest book and turn to the 8th page of it. Use the first ten full words on that page in a poem. You may use them in any order anywhere in the poem. Nearest book is Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas 8th page... “Interlocutors thus started at a full gallop, making opposite directions...” Haha! I play skateboard so yeah, why not right about it? :))


II. Write a five line poem about the last person you texted... Haha! Dad was the last person I texted! :)

Carrots of Summer

30 DAY POEM CHALLENGE DAY I.. I. Write a poem with each line starting with a letter of your name. It could be everything, but not you or your name... Okay, I made one about the summer and carrots..:)


Another poem I made for my mom last Mother's Day! :)


A poem I made for my mom last Mother's Day (Yeah I know it sounds childish but I just wanna express how much I love my mom)...:)