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First off, I would like to say how amazing it is to find this site still up and running nearly 6 years after I last visited here! (Though dead by the looks of it.) It's been ages since I last posted anything. I haven't done much in the way of poetry as of late, but I do write very prose driven fictional pieces now for fun. Though if I'm being honest, I write a ton of fanfiction.

For any that remember me from ages back, I did end up getting my degree in English, with focuses on history, grammar, and rhetoric. I also have a degree in art now too.

All in all, I'd like to start sharing a few pieces again. And, for now, I will leave up my old work to read over. Maybe I've progressed in the last few years. Maybe I've gotten worse.

Keep writing. When all else fails, put it in words.

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tis' is about the timelessness of love..........


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It's 11:30 ish on a wednesday nite. Ive finished my exams and school is officially over. We had a few celebratory drinks and now Im writing poetry.. If thats what you call this. lol. Well I wrote this off the top of my head. Motionless thoughts until now I suppose...


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alot of my stuff was done or at least started in High school. This one i think was done after.. or at least my Sr. Year. Please comment =) i think this one should be on DA Oh and keep and eye out for spelling errors.. im terrable about that =P


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something brief explaining my deep feelings for a certain someone, and how we both couldn't be happier with anyone else.




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i really like how this turned out. interested? comment :D


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i changed my mind, i really like this. ahaha. it's not really talking about anyone in particular; it's mostly just this image in conceived in my head of two lovers in a field at night, and the boy watching the girl intently until morning. i don't know... just seemed romantic at the time.